About us.

Savvy Racing Syndicates have been developed by Keith and Janice McDonald and their goal is to provide owners the ultimate race day and ownership experience. While Savvy Racing is open to all interested parties, each syndicate will be based around Provincial Rugby regions, with the intent to have nationwide coverage.

Names for each syndicate will align to a Provincial region. It is intended that each regions horse will be trained by a local trainer and where possible to be ridden by a local jockey, this will give the syndicate members a local team approach.

Savvy Racing will engage expert guidance on horses selected for racing with these horses being trained within the syndicated regions. Where possible, this will allow pre-arranged visits to training facilities.

Savvy Racing Will Provide

The race day and ownership experience will include:

  • Monthly updates increasing to weekly updates when the syndicate horse is racing.
  • Meet and greet the fellow syndicate members at the commencement of the syndicate.
  • Name the horse competition.
  • Meeting area on race day for syndicate members with race day hosting.
  • Savvy Racing is looking to provide a range of horses for syndication, with the goal of making it easy and cost efficient for the public to be able to participate, right through to those keen racehorse owners with larger goals of listed or group races.