Savvy Horses.

While Savvy Racing is open to all interested parties, syndicates will be based around Provincial Rugby unions, with the intent to have nationwide coverage.

Names for each syndicate will align to a Provincial region. It is intended that each regions horse will be trained by a local trainer and where possible to be ridden by a local jockey, this will give the syndicate members a local team approach.

Savvy Racing will provide:

  • Monthly updates increasing to weekly updates when the syndicate horse is racing.
  • Meet and greet fellow syndicate members at the commencement of the syndicate.
  • Name the horse competition.
  • Race day gathering of syndicate members.
  • Savvy Racing cap draw for members on course.
  • Should your syndicate horse win we will draw one winner from members on course for your provinces rugby jersey.
  • Race day trainer or stable hand interview.

A Disclosure Statement can be obtained by contacting
Keith McDonald 027 227 2889 (2B SAVVY)

or by email request –

Issues of shares can only be made after investors have received and signed the disclosure statement.